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London 2012 Olympics Mascots Alien Robot Cyclops Things

May 22, 2010

Magical Quote:

“You have found a bonafide geek when he/she geeks-out on even those things that other geeks find stupid”

Why the hate??

London 2012 Mascots-Wenlock & Mandevill
Star Wars
Trash Compactor Monster

Why hate these awesome Killer London 2012 Olympics Robot Alien Mascots even if they’re a bad idea for an Olympic mascot and have narrow marketing potential?  So what if their design is stupid and will alienate millions of Olympic spendhappy people (especially my wonderful East Asian peers, babies, uncles and aunties that, for all sorts of historical reasons enjoy cute-looking things?

Why hate these things indeed, when they make Star Trek, Star Wars, and 1986 Labyrinth movie fans like me happy, while doubling to offer peace, prosperity, and all sorts of fun?

Okay, okay, okay….so they look like a mixture of the weird Star Wars garbage trash compactor monsters (see video link to see the scene!) something phallic (as nicely described by a certain perceptive friend of mine with the same birthday as me), and a bizarre killer alien robot cyclops eye creature thing…BUT…that’s part of it’s brilliance, yah?

Vancouver Olympics 2010 Mascots!

I mean, the cute fuzzy mascots from my hometown Vancouver Olympics 2010 (amazing, unbeatable Olympics, by the way) or even from my fellow Chinese olympic hosts in the Beijing 2008 Summer Olympic (good stuff, but poor kid singer behind the lipsyncer) were pretty cool, cute and marketable…but that’s exactly the point…We need messed up mascots that will eat you (and look like strange phallic trash compactor monsters)!!!

Now, compare the video showcasing these mascots (as statuettes, and later, with people dressed up in the mascot costumes) to the “Magic Dance” by David Bowie, his magical creatures, and all the other things from the “Labyrinth” movie.  Couldn’t you see these London Olympics mascots in the Magic Dance video?  I sure could.

See?  They fit, don’t they?  The Olympics mascots can totally belong, yah?

Conclusion:  I have none, except that I like these weird looking cyclops things and will cave in to London’s marketing strategy and buy some.


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