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~Absolutely Ridiculous!~

April 12, 2010

Bulldog guy

Absolutely Ridiculous!

“Absolutely Ridiculous!!”  It’s a fun combination of words to say.  It can be used seriously as a condemnation or judgment of some sort, as in, “Yikes, that lying politician’s speech was absolutely ridiculous…”; or as a compliment, “Dude, that Sedin pass and goal was absolutely ridiculous!!”; or literally as per it’s original intent “Hahahha!  That court jester is brilliant!  He’s absolutely ridiculous!”…and any number of ways.  Okay, now you owe me for this English lesson.  Yes you do…

Anyway, well, it’s been over a month since my last blog entry, and for good reason!  I had lots of deadlines to catch up on, as you probably guessed.  But it’s been a fun month and a bit, with brother and sis-in-law coming to visit, and Holy Week + Easter.  Obviously, it’s been fairly crammed as well, trying to fit in presentations and writing deadlines.  Anyway, you probably don’t care about my deadlines, but that’s okay…because “Bulldog” does.  Who’s Bulldog?  I have no idea.  Just a random Mascot handing out men’s moisturizer samples.  I don’t even know where my free sample is anymore.  But, I gotta admit, that’s a pretty cool costume.  Maybe I should consider looking for Mascot work, just for fun…Though my UK student visa says it’s illegal for me to acquire particular types of employment such as “starting my own employment” or “entertainment”.  Does being a Mascot count as entertainment?  It does to me…I mean, look at that guy( guy I think).  He was pretty entertaining…I was impressed.  haha.  But realistically, probably could be considered marketing…We’ll see how much time I have in the Fall, with hopefully acquiring some teaching work 😉

Now, here’s a fun pic:

Young Oriental Models!

Why “Young Oriental Models”??  Well, recall one of my earliest (and one of the awesomest) blogs about the “shady” side of London?

In that blog, I wrote not only about some of the awesomest parts of this city, but also some of it’s “shadiest”, or most disturbing, namely a stairway with an eerie pink neon light that led to a questionnable back door.  The front open door, of course, had several poorly laminated signs (it was just plastic wrap really…probably something that would come wrapped around your Chinese coconut buns at T&T in Vancouver) advertising “Young Oriental Models”, “Beautiful models”, and whatever variation of that, etc etc. (see reference photos of “Shady-redux” and “Various Young Oriental Signs” below…Click here for a full recap of the original blog).


What they do in this house, I won’t remind you, but leave for you to think about (once more), but it’s no Easter egg Kinder surprise what they do and certainly not about “professional photoshoots” (I can make all sorts of jokes right now, but I will not.  Just access the conniving jester within yourself…)

Sooooooooo….ahem, in the same spirit of “Robin Hood”, who “robs from the rich and gives to the poor”, we have collected (good word, right?) these signs.  So therefore, in an attempt to compromise their illegal operation (sounds so epic, doesn’t it?), I have “collected from the brothel and given to the brother”.   …errr, collecting just the signs, of course, otherwise, the sis-in-law would not be very happy.  (Don’t go there).

Okay, okay, okay, okay…fine…really, I just thought the signs were hilarious, but, you “could” say, I’m doing the city a favour by subtley rallying against escort services, right? Right???  Anyone???  (why do I only hear the echo of my own voice?) hahaha.

Wellllllll, few believed in Robin Hood’s methods (besides his Merry Men), and now he’s a legend.  And, hey, there’s Batman!  Vigilante…dark knight…And Superman!  Last Son of Krypton.  All protecting the citizens from the forces of the brothels…err…I mean, forces of evil (though, I shouldn’t say brothels are “evil”, just illegal, and incredibly misguided and exploitative…tremendously exploitative, how about…but evil, nahhh…because, when I think of “evil”, you know what I think of?  Dracula.  Dude, he was evil.  Or the Greek god, Hades. He’s not so cool either…How about Satan?  He’s pretty evil I think.  Or Freddy Krueger from Nightmare on Elm Street…yup…pretty darned evil {you know there’s a remake coming out?} .

But city brothels=evil?  Nahh…THOUGH, having said that, I think some of the infamous brothels in countries like Cambodia are pretty darned evil, just exploiting the needs of often very very young girls they forcibly employ, often abusing them, beating them, and such inhumane treatment.  {click this link here for a Wikipedia short summary + references to articles about this horrible trend.   As for city brothels, at least it’s–generally–a voluntary means of employment, with some age requirements, some rules regarding “treatment” for the girls they employ (and gives the girls some easy money).  Of course, “voluntary” is up for debate to, because, I’ll leave it to your imagination or own research to consider the background contextual reasons and rationale for a girl to willingly employ herself as an “escort”.)

Anyway, I didn’t mean to leave you on a downer, so I’ll lend you a smile one more time as I finish, because I’m  a guy that says, “there’s a time for everything” the sense of there’s a time to be serious, there’s a time to just have fun, there’s a time to spend, a time to relax, a time to work, etc etc. So, of course, there’s a time to inform ourselves of the ills of humanity (and do something, even if it’s just supporting a support worker/helper/interventionist emotionally, or financially if possible), but also a time to celebrate it when possible, and certainly a time to enjoy it’s most bizarre and comedic moments of it.   And, for me, there’s just something

Example of stereotypical portrayal of Chinese (taken from a brilliant comic, "American-born Chinese", by a yes, American-born Chinese artist/writer, Gene Yang, that intentionally "uses" stereotypes to prove certain points about their pervasiveness in culture)

tremendously-laugh-on-the-floor hilarious about a shady brothel that is fitted with the “formulaic” pink neon light + being in the same building as a legitimate martial arts equipment supplier (The “Shaolin Way”), that is simplistic enough and dumb enough to exploit the  “exoticism” of “Orientals”, and attempt to advertise how wonderful, brilliant and unique their illegal service is through advertising themselves with poorly constructed, coconut-bun plastic wrapped signs made of coloured cardboard, felt marks, and cut-outs of cartoon-girl faces or magazine models.  As if somehow, somebody, will walk by and say, “Wow!!  This place must have actual, beautiful escorts!   And they’re ‘oriental’!!  they must be great!  Ohh, and they’re right beside a martial arts equipment store, which is also ‘oriental’…soo…therefore, this must be a good place!  And they have signs!!!  With pictures!!!  And a pink neon light!!!  Hey, let’s go up!!!”

… yes, whether we think of this with serious disapproval, or with jovial laughter, it is one of those things that is best summarized with the words, “absolutely ridiculous”, in more ways than one.

Absolutely ridiculous, indeed~!!! (I suppose, so is my blog entry 😉  hahha  )


PS. By the way, here’s the new Robin Hood trailer, to inspire you about my inspiration. heh heh. in High Definition!!

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  1. April 16, 2010 6:49 am

    Nathan. You rule. It’s not theft. We are returning the signs to their rightful owners…us – the young oriental models.

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