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The Lychee Toilets Experiment: Trial 1 = FLAVOUR

November 21, 2009



Go ahead. Let your imagination run wild.  What kind of experiment would possibly combine lychee with toilets?  Maybe for cleaning, or sanitizing, or even, dare I say…for FLAVOUR?
…Now, I don’t know what you’re thinking in terms of flavour, but let me say, that I’m just thinking in terms of the “flavour” of aesthetics 😉 haha.

Okay, I’m completely lying.  I have no idea what I mean by “flavour” either.  It just seemed to fit really well with lychees (which do have lots of flavour), and toilets (which probably do not have much flavour…I would think you have not tried…Though I suppose you could ask your dog or cat.  But that depends how well you can communicate with your animal.  After all, if you can’t speak “canine-nese, or feline-nese”, how can you really know if your pet enjoys the flavour from the cleanest water in the house?…ahem.)

Hmm.. I also have no idea how to combine lychee with toilets, though I suppose I could come up with all sorts of ways.  The experiment is just my little psychology thing to see whether the combination of lychee and toilets is enough to get your attention to shift your focus away from your either really fun or really busy life.  Stop paying attention to the daily complexities of your life and enter a world of senseless, fantastical nonsense–The world of my Blog.  Haha. Then again, if you’re already “living the dream”, well, God Bless you…that’s a great attitude to have…and may my oddly entertaining blog add some nonsensical wonder to your existence 😀

Ok, so here’s an idea:  Offer your comments. Be creative.

What do you think about when you hear the words “Lychee Toilets” + “Flavour”?  I’ll post my thoughts too eventually 😉

But for now.  Here’s a random picture of a toilet shaped house.  Maybe surrounded by lychee trees?


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  1. Raymond Cheung permalink
    November 21, 2009 6:20 pm

    Hahah. Kudos to the architect for thinking of this creative masterpiece of a house. In terms of toilet humour, I am guessing that it is a Japanese architect who came up with this rendering.

    Just as an FYI, the Japanese have the most advanced toilets in the world.

    Wow, their toilets have the specifications of a luxury car. 🙂

    Toilet specifications sample: auto flush, urine analysis (for diarrhea? ahah), heated seats for those cold winter days, and leather seats, haha.

    What will the Japanese think of for their next toilet innovation?

    Three words: Lychee air fresheners. Hahaha.

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