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Christmas Cows & Cannibal Cows

November 13, 2009

Christmas Lights at Oxford Circus


Christmas Cows & Cannibal Cows be a Christmas Cow.  How sweet would that be?  But, I’m not sure I would want to be a human-eating, Cannibal Christmas cow..that would be wrong..and gross.  Why did I mention that disgusting-ness?  You’ll find out at the end.  So be sure to keep riding the Christmas Cow on your journey through this blog.

~Last weekend I got a chance to check out some of the really neat Christmas lights around Oxford Circus on the way to church (@ All Soul’s Church this time).  It was pretty fantastic, and the pics I have here are the best I could do with my little, but serviceable “point & click” camera.  Maybe one day when I want to splurge the cash on a really nice camera and take some formal training just for fun, I can take some really awesome pictures that would really make the cows call home. Moo!!

Anyway, these “Christmas Carol” lights were part of that whole “Christmas Switch-on” thing.  But marketing gimmick or not, it still seemed pretty neat and really created a nice magical aura to the the Oxford Circus (which is typically a shopping haven for Londoners).


More Christmas Carol goodness

Ahhh. good times.  More Christmas Carol stuff here.  Hmm…does this seem like an unusually normal Blog post to you?

It does eh?

Especially how I’m just talking about Christmas lights…

…while including lots of space between bits of text…

Indeed.  it is true.  It is rather…normal, eh?

….Perhaps then I should briefly mention that I finally found….

IMG_1555my Toilet brush!!!  It was only £1.  “only”.  But still cheaper than everywhere else.  A very important tool I must say.

Ok.  Well…hmm…I really have not much else to say…Maybe I’ll just stall your time by just throwing a whole bunch of pictures at you.  How’s that?



Blue is cool


This was a cool lucky shot.

Christmas Cows…

Random words of nothingness.

Woo…….Impressed aren’t you?  I am too.

Not bad for a complete amateur, eh? haha

Looks like I have potential.

Wow. Fancy Schmancy.  Where are the Christmas cows?


Random fellow photographer with probably a $1000 camera doing the same thing I was doing. Anybody want to donate a camera like that to me?

Even I don’t know.

But aren’t you inspired by these words along Carnaby Street?

Love. Hope. Joy. Peace.



I can hear your voice……….   Hmmm…Do Re Mi…..


Pink Reindeer. 'Nuff said.

haha.  Nah, I’m not going crazy just yet.  Just keeping you entertained while I throw random pictures at you.

..Once upon a time…

there was a Christmas cow…

and this Christmas cow was related to a Pink Reindeer….


Cool store display, eh? Freaky, but cool.

….who, coincidentally, was related to weird Bee-Zombies.


Somehow, this makes sense.

With that…

I will leave you with another bizarre picture from Ripley’s Museum’s front entrance…




That is a giant, inflated Mascot (Scottish mascot?) eating an

innocent bystander woman’s face.

Yahh..I know.  The Scottish mascot has nothing to do with a Cannibalistic Christmas Cow.

But maybe…maybe…Someday, they will all fit together.

Ahhh…Don’t you love Christmas Cows…??


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  1. Monica permalink
    November 14, 2009 7:16 am

    Dude, cows? Cannibilistic Christmas Cows? What is London doing to you? Lovely pics though. 😉

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