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Vampira & Jim Carrey Fight in “Santa Claus vs. The Ghost Elves of the South Pole”.

November 6, 2009

One of the Best Worst Movies ever!


Vampira vs. Jim Carrey Fight in “Santa Claus vs. The Ghost-Elves of the South Pole”

Terrible movies are fantastic.  They are the Wind beneath the World’s Wings. Especially when they’re really old, involve aliens, monsters, vampires, Santa Claus, or weird elf-ghosts with green or red glowing backgrounds behind them,  and feature tonnes of music from the “theramin”.

Ok, no Santa Claus…or elf-ghosts for that matter. But It woulda been cool to see Santa Claus make a random unrelated cameo in these movies, but I can’t recall one that does.  Surely somebody would have thought of it too?  Anybody else know of an old movie that might involve that?  Like “Santa Claus Against the Vampires of Darkness” or something like that?  Or the “Christmas Elf-Ghosts of the North”.  Filmmakers?  Oh wait, anyone “artsy” enough to make that would probably be at my school. hahah.  Though wait.  Vancouver has it’s share of awesomely weird filmmakers too, like Emily Carr!  Not sure about UBC, SFU or TWU though.  I could be wrong.  Somebody, prove me wrong.

Anyway….Halloween has just past, and, expectedly, I’m betting all of our big cities are already ready for Christmas, right?

Well, Christmas began on November 2 here!!  I actually found that quite early, thinking they’d wait until after Remembrance Day, but, they needed to market something, so I guess that’s why they were early?  London attempted and succeeded in creating a new Guiness Record by coordinating a city wide “Christmas Lights ‘Switch On‘(click for short article) ” in several locations throughout the city.  The record was for the largest number of people singing Christmas Carols at once, which included “Silent Night” and “O Come All Ye Faithful” (led by Andrea Bocelli in person at Leicester Square and linked to screens all over the city in different locations…I was at the St. Paul’s Cathedral location).  Hundreds of thousands of people I suspect   It was part of a gigantic Disney promotion to premiere the new release of the CG-animated move “A Christmas Carol”, which looks fantastic.  In addition to the awesome Andrea Bocelli, tonnes of other celebrities like Jim Carrey (yes, it is indeed “poor taste” to include them into the same sentence, haha) showed up. Also there was Bob Hoskins, Colin Firth,  as well as teenybopper music stars like “Little Boots”, the stars from X-Factor (sorta like American Idol etc.), to ring in the New Year..err. I mean “Christmas”.  Yes, there was actually a “countdown” to lead up to the lighting!  All in all, it was pretty massively commercialized, but at the same time, it was also pretty cool to be part of the event, I gotta say.).04-carrey-500

How did I get from terrible movies to Halloween to Christmas?  Well, simple.  1.) I am Me.  2.) Chronologically in the Western calendar, Christmas follows Halloween about 2 months later 3.) Christmas Carol is a good movie and many halloween movies are poorly made ones 4.)  Many halloween movies involve horror and/or sci-fi elements and really old sci-fi movies involve the “theramin” and involve these themes too.  5.)  Take a peek at the picture of Jim Carrey to your Right, and with the actress portraying “Vampira” up into the Top left. ****Don’t they look alike?**** (nice, I hear clapping and cheering in the background for my five somewhat logical connections)

Ok.  I’m going to leave you hanging without a conclusion here.  But I actually listened to an electric theramin at a concert at Goldsmiths not too long ago. Connection # 6!! I’ll try to put up a short video of it in the next blog~!


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