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Aladdin’s High School Musical

October 30, 2009

Aladdin's Cave!


Aladdin’s High School Musical

Yah, it’s real!!  Aladdin goes back to high school as an undercover cop in order to expose the revived Jafar and rid the world of his evil for good.  Except he loses his memory mysteriously…which…is the perfect set-up to allow him to meet Princess Jasmine for the first time again! (especially since Jafar has actually wiped her memory as well! Woa!)  So then they burst out into song, like High School Musical.  And then there’s a bollywood number at the end.  And then magical lychee cows pop up.

Ok ok.  I totally lied.  But it seemed plausible didn’t it?  Ahh..Disney..So many good films, yet so many bad ones too…it makes you think they’d actually make something like that.  Well, thankfully, the legendary Aladdin does NOT sponsor the  High School Musical.  That was a gimmick to get you to come here.

So Aladdin only refers to this really neat used furniture store along Lewisham Way (this is perhaps the biggest street connecting Lewisham to New Cross, where my University is.  According to the all masterful Wikipedia, Lewisham is the overarching “borough” within London, and New Cross and Brockley (where I live), are “wards”.  According to the “always” reliable but unsourceable Wikipedia, “wards” are like our Vancouver electoral districts, so like “Quilchena”, or “Vancouver-East”, except that we actually include these “wards” on our mailing addresses and thus it’s a bigger deal.  For reference, click this link to the Wikipedia page about Lewisham. Wow.  Don’t you feel smarter just reading that??


Ahhh...good to know that awesome Camels are everywhere, and are also surrounded by random pirates and miscellaneous individuals, just like in real life.

Anyway, Aladdin’s Cave is like this really large, old house or giant garage. If you walk inside, you can find it filled to the brim with all sorts of neat things like wood, lamps, chairs, tables, paintings, leprechauns, window frames, desks, drawers, santa claus, plates, forks, televisions, radios, lychee cows, spoons, knives, magical elves, and all sorts of fantastic little things to get!

I haven’t actually “shopped” inside there yet (besides a quick scan inside), but I do need a comfortable desk chair for cheap, so I’ll take a look and see if I can find a decent one for the price.   I’m also trying to figure out if i can find those special leprechauns, santa claus, lychee cows, and magical elves.  Because I think they will change the world.  Especially those lychee cows.  Come to think of it, I think I need to write a sequel about lychee cows.  What do you think?

And just so you get my drift, I mention High School Musical because I bought a box of it (discounted clearance, inexpensive, and was actually the “healthiest” of the bunch there, just b/c in a rush, I won’t make eggs and will just eat cereal and some fruit in the morning.  Here’s a box of the High School Musical Cereal.  Mine is Chocolate, and not that colourful.  And there’s a “Can you spot the missing things between the two pictures” activity on the back.

Terrible cereal.  Tastes like chalk.  Edible though, and I can certainly finish it.  But, I’ll know better than to experiment with £1 in order to save breakfast costs on discounted cereal that is just a marketing gimmick capitalizing on a popular franchise.  ….But hey, on the bright side, at least when I finish the cereal, I get some decent Chocolate milk in the leftover milk after!     ….Nice.




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  1. Jose Domene permalink
    October 31, 2009 3:19 am

    Nathan, for cheap breakfasts, have you considered investing in a bread-maker and just filling up on bread/toast in the morning?

  2. arisenphoenix permalink*
    November 6, 2009 4:48 pm

    Hey Doc D,

    yup, I’m way ahead of ya 🙂 Usually I prefer to make something involving eggs, and finally got a fairly cheap Toaster. Cereal is always fun, but only “a part of a complete breakfast” (insert commercial jingle here)

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