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Oh Where, Plastic Cow, is My Toilet Brush?

October 24, 2009

Woa, that's a crazy toilet.

Woa, that's a crazy toilet.


OH Where, Plastic Cow, is My Toilet Brush?

“Oh where is my toiletbrush (and holder, of course)?  Oh where is my toiletbrush?  Oh where oh where, oh where oh where oh where…is my toiletbrush?”

I can’t find a cheap toiletbrush.  But don’t worry. I got the “disinfectant”, and do so regularly. So, my toilet is certainly disinfected (but I couldn’t “infect” it that bad, could I?  Don’t answer that), but I still need a toilet brush, because, well, we all need toiletbrushes.  What kind of toilet brush do you have?  I’m just trying to find a bloody serviceable one for £1 that doesn’t look like it’s been used before (I found one at a flea market, but…it kinda looked used, but hey, maybe I’m just being judgmental).  So, this is my quest.  I think my best bet is at the £1 Store (which, for reference at Friday’s closing exchange rate (referencing, £1 = $1.73 CDN)  I can accept $1.73 CDN, b/c blabla plastic costs blabla, import fees to pay the magical cow from which plastic is milked, and the plastic farmers), so fine…that much for a toilet brush. But so far, everywhere I’ve looked, at places supposed to be “cheap”, the available selection and offers have been just robbery.  Especially where, in those same spots, I can easily find adequate sandwiches for cheaper! So, if I could feed myself for cheap, why would I feed my toilet for double the price?  Oh Plastic Cow Farmers…Poor Plastic Cow.
Here are some examples of prices (note, all would include that cheap little holder thing)

@ Sainsbury’s:
I got a choice at  only ONE CHOICE of an, I confess, pretty cool looking plastic fancy toilet brush….but it would have cost…
->a hefty £ 2.37 (or around there), which is $4.98 CDN!! It looked cool…but I thought about that sandwich. I could have eaten 2 sandwiches, or 1 really fresh and good sandwich.

@ Several Locally owned independent hardware stores and corner stores:
->dude… a very plain toilet brush (white or blue) = £1.96 ($3.39 CDN)! !!  Easily a decent quality sandwich too. Why Plastic Cow Farmer, Why??!?
->classy metal one = £7.00 ($12.10 CDN) . ok, I get why a metal one is expensive.  Because the Metal Cows must be milked by the Metal Farmers. And that’s really tough, and must note be easy for the cows. I empathize.  But still, for 7 GBP, that’s like a FEAST I could eat!!

Anyway, I’ve never been quite certain why toilet brushes are so expensive (even in Vancouver..but at least, a dollar store that has the toilet brush AND holder will be cheap!..which would be 50p for the combo (p=pence, for those who don’t know) here in the UK ! But they just are.   I don’t need my Plastic Cow to be a free-range plastic cow, if that influences the pricing by those Plastic Cow Farmers.  Maybe I was trying too hard to find a “nice” one for good value….maybe I’m being too hard on these plastic and metal cows, and complaining much too much?  But really…should we need to pay so much for a plastic toilet brush?
Indeed, Plastic Cow Farmers…Indeed why…?

Hmm..No comment :-)

Hmm..No comment 🙂


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  1. Jennifer Chan permalink
    October 25, 2009 1:14 am

    Nate, this is hilarious in its own unique Nathan-esque way…in the fact that I don’t quite get it…lol….but that is the charm 😉


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