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The Man in the Golden Scarf Cape

October 13, 2009
Not quite what the gentleman looked like (not even same ethnicity), but best pic I could find

I tried to find a decent picture of a male scarf-cape, or at least one similar to what I saw. The best I could pull off is "Operaman" in the picture above. The scarf-cape was probably half the length, but, the "feeling" is similar to the pic.


The Man in the Golden Scarf Cape

Was it a Scarf? Was it a Cape?
Maybe it was made from real gold. Or a legendary treasure like Jason’s Golden Fleece. Or maybe it was…just a man in a golden scarf-cape. …Simply Confounding.

It was the oddest thing. The other day, I was walking back to my dorm and I walked past a very tall man in a yellow/golden Scarf Cape and a black suit. The man looked sort of like R&B singer “Tyrese Gibson” (also of “Death Race” fame (can one maintain fame after Death Race?)….except he wore… a yellow/golden scarf cape. Who wears a scarf cape?

Upon googling, I realized a “scarf-cape” was similar to a shawl, and that was a common item that covered oneself in the cold, notably for women’s fashion. Hmm…I thought to myself, “maybe I’m missing something about male fashion in London“. After all, there are “man-purses”, “man-heels”, and other “moisturizer for men” and other commercial products traditionally marketed to women that have found a new market in well-groomed, fashionable males (I myself, have a manly, fashionable, and handy, “man-bag”).
Maybe it’s a new thing?

So, I have a MISSION.

I will look for man scarf-capes. For the next couple months, whenever I’m out and about and doing my own thing, hanging out or whatnot, I will randomly keep a casual eye out for male scarf capes in fashion stores (or even on the street). I ask you to do the same wherever you’re at. Whoever manages to find a man scarf cape and a picture of one (whether worn, or on display) will win something! And if you find a GOLDEN scarf cape, you will get a bonus!

~Seeing the man in the scarf cape sort of reminded me of a classic Seinfeld episode with a man in a cape. See below.

Note: Halloween does NOT count.


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  1. Eric Morrill permalink
    October 17, 2009 1:06 am

    Is Operaman wearing a scarf cape, looks to be just a cape. That is there is no neck wrap.

    Here is a classic image, looks more like a scarf cape. Just not golden or real.

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