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Fresh Fish, Metallic Music, and the Number 28 (in SPACE!)

October 12, 2009
Fish Central 1

Deep Fried "Hake" (one order = the size of 1.5 - 2 forearms) + Grilled "Skate" in the back

Fresh Fish, Metallic Music, and the Number 28 (in SPACE!)

YES. The ideas in the title all tie in together.  In SPACE!
Sort of in the same way your brilliant life is tied into mine amidst the mysterious workings of Creation and the Cosmos.  Or, if you prefer, how, if I take off my pair of shoes and tie my shoelaces to one of my neighbour’s removed shoes, and then toss them really high (say 30 meters?) on top of a moderately high telephone wire…(…well, those are literally tied together, right? {cue comedic drum roll}  ) 😉

…Yes, I know. You missed me, didn’t you?
Fear not, it was a busy week of jet lag (yes, still!) + settling-in errands, but your patience will be well rewarded with
3 entries in 3 days this week to satisfy your online thirst for random ramblings and brilliant musings.  Shall we begin?

Fresh Fish
On Saturday, I was generously treated to some gigantor fish at “Fish Central” in Islington, by my Auntie Katy & Uncle Bill. Dudes and Dudettes, those portions were even more gigantor than my very first entry about Fish & Chips! Difference? More fish (which is a good thing!) and though still deep fried, tasted much much healthier, and certainly much much much fresher. Hmm…my spidey sense is telling me that I’m not effectively communicating the magnitude of the fish….

Ok. Try this: Take your arm, put it straight out in front of you, as if you’re holding a barbell (like the picture below) Look at your “forearm”, which, if you’re confused, is the portion of your arm between your wrist and your elbow. (However, if you’re “height challenged”, and have a smaller forearm, perhaps the size of a very small baguette from the local grocery store, feel free to refer to picture below as well.)


This is probably the size of my Bro's forearm, if you need a reference. Just drop him a Facebook/text/email to ask for a viewing or inspection of his forearm.


Imagine THAT forearm = 1 special combo order of Hake fish (for my special combo with chips {or fries, for my fellow Canadians} ).  Even more, imagine that as a separate, non-combo order (if I’m not mistaken, is what my Auntie Katy ordered), and visualize THAT forearm = DOUBLED. Yes, 1 +1 = 2 forearm for one order of Hake fish!!!  (In that mathematical calculation, consider that is also sort of like how many forearms my Bro has.  One on his right arm, and one on his left arm.  Therefore, One + One = Two. If you’re not sure. You can ask for an inspection.) And,

I should add that the service was quite good. Reminded me of the type of great service the Wu family and my family get at Golden Harvest in Vancouver.
Interestingly, the head chef reminded me a bit of Santa Claus. Not because he was big like Santa Clause (because he wasn’t) but because the head chef seemed as jolly and goodwilled as him. Like, I mean, I wouldn’t accept a random, free apple or strange cotton candy from a stranger if I’m walking down the street, but if I saw someone else act and look like that head chef and offer me some forearm-sized fish bouncing around a bucket, I’d definitely take it!

Metallic Music (at Fish Central)

Naw, unfortunately, there wasn’t an amazing “metal” live band playing awesome loud music with extremely distorted guitars…but I’m referring again to Fish Central, and how two birthday folks were greeted at a couple other tables. In my opinion, it was one of the best “restaurant staff” birthday performances I’ve seen across two continents.

(Sorry no video or pics of this event…just a random, distracting pic of R2D2 holding a serving tray):


This is a distraction. This is a distraction. This is a distraction...In SPACE!

Here’s the scene: Lights dimmed, and a whole line of servers and sous chefs (I think a couple of them came out) entered the dining area in a line, singing the birthday song of course. One chef came out with his metallic serving tray, using it as percussion and definitely playing it with a gloriously loud, metallic “bang!”. But here’s the classic scene: As the final “happy birthday to you…” was sung, the chef with the metal tray just created his own intense rock star moment, downright attacking his metallic tray repeatedly, and then, in a moment of pure brilliance, absolutely hurled the metallic tray on the ground like it was a piece of rotten meat! The tray was thrust down on the ground so hard, that it created several mighty and thunderous, “BANG!  BANG!! BANG!!!”sounds.   I say, the volume was loud enough to make a banshee proud! (comedic drum roll)
Doubly impressive, b/c there were two birthdays, so I got to see and hear it twice.  Impressive. 🙂

…So, definitely a good dining experience with good food, good company, and some good entertainment.  For you Vancouver fish-eaters, it reminded me of some of the better fish & chips places in Vancouver (the good ones are few and far between, in my opinion. e.g. Fish Cafe, Fisherman’s Wharf). Fish Central is definitely recommended. And shoot, I got the fish pics but forgot to take an actual group pic (of Auntie Katy, Uncle Bill, Uncle Steven, Fiona, and myself)…but next time 🙂

The Number 28

Ok, remember the analogy of the 3 shoes being tied together? Well, this topic is like a third shoe that fell off. It has nothing to do with the other shoes or the other topics.  It was cool, but not cool enough to create its own blog entry.  I didn’t even take a picture of my door.   But, just for kicks, here’s something with the Number 28.

Well, this has nothing to do with my room, but it was cool and happened on August 28!

Well, this has nothing to do with my room, but it was "IN SPACE!", was cool and happened on August 28.

For your information, my room number in my hall of residence is Level C (or 2nd floor), Room 28. And, in Chinese folk belief, the number “2” is a homonym for “easy (or easily etc.)”. And “8”, of course is a homonym for “rich (or wealthy, etc.)”. So, my room # in combination with being on the 2nd floor is the superstitious Chinese person’s dream. “Something” apparently will make me not just easily, but easily + easily rich and wealthy.

Now, I’m not very superstitious whatsoever, but I gotta admit, in a primitive and ridiculous sort of way, it’s still kinda neat to have a room number and floor # with that.  😉

Ok, Tomorrow’s entry is…”The Man in the Scarf Cape!”

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  1. Steph permalink
    October 12, 2009 5:44 pm


    happy Thanksgiving!!! You would no doubt be over eating with the NG’s if you were in Canada. Wishing you well 🙂

  2. October 13, 2009 4:34 am


    I am SO looking forward to eating fish the size of my forearm. As an aside, we went to Golden Harvest today. I think Michelle got free dessert! Whoo Hooo! Psuedo Wu Bak status!

  3. Eric Morrill permalink
    October 14, 2009 9:58 pm

    Nate, you have it wrong, you will not become rich very easily, others will become rich very easily as a result of you. That is, you are a good person to invite out to poker night.

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