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September 25, 2009
Fish chips Pack 2

It's like the size of a bloody mini-pillow!



Look to your left.
That, my friends and family, is my PURE, UNADULTERATED OIL.
And it’s a MEDIUM-sized ORDER.

I was shocked when the chinese lady at the counter gave it to me. I even said, “What?!?  That’s mine!? Holy Crow!”

Yeesh, you’d think I was schooling in America! (comedic drum roll)

Next time I’m crazy enough to order this, I’ll take some better pics to explain the sheer magnitude of the thing..b/c wow, these pics don’t do the beast any justice.

Fish and Chips

Even Luongo is overwhelmed by the sheer magnitude of pure oil. Luuuuuuu....

All I ordered were Medium Cod and Chips!  Ok, I have nothing more to say on the matter.  Just look at the pillow above, and my eaten cod and chips to your right.  The fork was the wrong reference object b/c it makes it look small. *Luongo was also a poor choice of reference object, b/c you probably don’t know how tall Luongo is.  Sure, if that was the real Luongo, then yes, those Fish and Chips would be absolutely anti-environmental (why? I don’t know…it just feels like the correct statement to say).  But, assuming it’s not the real 6 ft. something Luongo in the picture (though, if you imagine it were, that’d be a really freaky picture…especially with rink-sized fish and chips), you probably don’t know how tall this Luongo is.  All that to say, next time I’m crazy enough to purchase this (which will be a looong while), I’ll take better pics.

Trust me.  It was a gigantor-sized portion…I could only eat a 3rd of those fries.

Oddly enough though…writing about it makes me want to eat more…Mmmm…

Stay tuned for the exciting Next entry: Central London!


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  1. Jose Domene permalink
    September 25, 2009 11:22 pm

    Actually, the pen in the first picture gives a good sense of just how big the portion was. Wht I noticed most about it, though, was that your fish seemed a bit green. Is that just the exposure, or was the fish actually like that?

  2. September 26, 2009 11:45 pm

    That’s impressive, Nathan, but how did it taste? Do they have pretty good fish dishes over there? I presume that the British love their fish.

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