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My Uni = Cooool like a Cat

September 22, 2009

Nope, not from my camera. But I'll take some of my own shots soon!

My University = Cooool like a Cat <GONG>

A revived, hip, artsy, sophisticated, once cryogenically frozen great grandparent.

That’s what I think of when I gaze around the grounds of my new university: Goldsmiths, University of London.

In the pic is the main building. It’s waaaaay more expansive than what you see, and it’s really artsy, and indie (as in independent, yah?)…which is fantastic. So how did I visualize it as a cool great grandparent?

Well, as I walked around the grounds of Goldsmiths, and saw more and more of its architecture, design, “feel”, and all of that…it just sort of made me think that this is how somebody’s great great great grandfather might be like if he was cryogenically frozen centuries ago, and was revived, revitalized, and somehow could seem really classy, antique, stylish, popular, energized and relevant all at the same time. He’d be sportin’ some slick, black shades, a fierce, black leather jacket, and a full head of silver, combed back hair. But he wouldn’t be riding a motorcycle, as one might assume. Instead, he’d be soaring on a pink, flying hoverboard, and rockin’ through the city playing some “Vampire Weekend” music on his wireless, sleek electric guitar or something.

That’s my school.

What? Having trouble visualizing?

Ok…how about this? Imagine what you would get if say, UBC Main Library and Emily Carr had a child. That would be what my school looks like. In some ways it feels like that, though the professors seem stellar so far. Of course, I don’t know how UBC and Emily Carr could have a child…not b/c they can’t but because Goldsmiths is older than both of them (though apparently not much older than UBC). But, if you’re into temporal paradoxes and the possible alteration and/or destruction of the space-time continuum, then yah, it’s possible.

Anyway, my school is also pretty cool because of it’s library. No, not for the books, though they seem great. But for the bloodyawesome Audio-Visual collection. They have GOOD movies in there, and OBSCURE ones too. Reminds me of a free Happy Bats Cinema or Videomatica back home! I even found “Dumplings” on their shelf, and other awesome East Asian movies! Very impressive. Pure cool. Go Hip modern Grandpa Go.

Anyway, How many “Back to the Future” references did you catch me making? If you get it right, you get a prize.


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  1. September 23, 2009 9:25 am

    LOL…yea! Go Hip modern Grandpa Go!

    This post is a little neo-Nathan, don’t you think? Being appreciative of the hypothetical love child of ancient history and modernity seems like pure evolution from the one dimensional state of lemon humor~~~

    hahaha…yea, I don’t make sense only so that you sound that much more intelligent!! Happy?

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