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“True Humility”

September 21, 2009


Lesson of the Day:

<cue Sound of Chinese GONG>

It’s been 2.5 days since I arrived in London, and I find myself surprised to discover the following humble truth:

Even across the Atlantic ocean, and in a whole new country, there is nobody quite as COOL, UNIQUE, and AWESOME as Nathan To.

NOBODY. The truth of this is staggering. I mean, it was clear how true this was in Vancouver. But, hey, I thought there’d be more folks as cool as I am in the quirky land of Britain. Don’t get me wrong, there are lots of cool people, quirky people…especially Brits, French, German and Irish folks I’ve met so far, and everything in between. But, honestly, MY combination of awesomeness? NONE. Really!! I’m not being flippant or lying through my teeth!

I mean, I dress cool. I stand out. My hair is cool. I’m putting my bike together on my own, & I can even manage to impress a small audience. I can listen well, and can talk well if I need. I can listen in class, or ask questions too.

People don’t just befriend me. They FIND ME. Because I’m MAGNETIC.

Suffice it to say, it was a good lesson in the POWER OF NATHAN TO.

~~Hahahhahahaha. Funny enough, I actually believe what I wrote, for better or worse. For real! But if you made it this far without running to your garbage can to puke or destroying your computer with a tomato, shocked that the quintessentially humble Nathan is saying this….well, we’ll see how long this big head sticks around, but for now, NATHAN IS DEFINITELY CONQUERING THE UK!

Let me hold on to it for a little while longer until the new lessons come fast and furiously 😀

But yes, I am awesome, because my family is awesome, and my God is awesome…though I was raised and taught to be humble… But, hey, for this staggering and shocking combination of cockiness and crazy humour, you can blame my Bro’s influence 😉

Comment and reply!  haha


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  1. September 22, 2009 4:56 am

    Of course you are, PN…and naturally you would conquer the UK…wouldn’t have it any other way!! ^_^ You have all your also-very-awesome friends behind you all the way! hhahaha…yes, I just hooted my own horn a little too…

    • arisenphoenix permalink*
      September 22, 2009 4:47 pm

      Haha. Indeed, PS, Indeed. rockin’ rollin’!

  2. Jon permalink
    September 22, 2009 5:05 am

    Yeah, have fun with the whole humility bit until you have to eat humble pie. However, if you unleash the full power of Panties on Hoops I’m sure you can delay that for awhile.

    • arisenphoenix permalink*
      September 22, 2009 4:47 pm

      Mmm..Panties on Hoops….

      • September 23, 2009 9:23 am

        what’s that??? Panties on hoops! I’m very interested…

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