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Nathan Conquers UK via Trojan Rabbit!

September 8, 2009

Trojan Rabbit and the Knights of the Round Table

Yes, just as the King Arthur and his Knights sought to conquer new lands with their Trojan Rabbit, so shall I conquer the UK with my Trojan Rabbit.

A little newt once asked: “Where do I find the Trojan Rabbit?”
The wise man answered: “There’s a Trojan Rabbit inside each one of us. We just have to search inside.”

And so shall I…and so shall I…

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  1. Isabel permalink
    September 14, 2009 7:19 am


    So I would have imagined that a Trojan Anything from inside Nathan can fly. But since say a Trojan Phoenix defeats the whole conquer with a rabbit idea, I suppose a Trojan Flying Rabbit will do. One with secret retractable wings, so in daylight it can still be a Trojan Rabbit.

    Hahahaha I do hope you intend to conquer the noble Arthurian way. You’re obviously much better than this but another Trojan Rabbit could be made like a balloon animal of a different type of balloons—and conquering the UK with or like rabbits… oh my is this filthy Monty Python layers I never caught onto?

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